Water Transfer Paper

1. Water Transfer Paper
2. Water slide decal paper
3. Blue color Transfer Paper
4. Decal Paper
Let us know about the product water transfer paper and its uses. This is a clear sheet of paper that can be used to create customized designs for durable transfer onto another surface. It is a special transfer paper that you can easily use to transfer an image or text. Also known as waterslide decal paper, the best thing about this paper is that it is translucent and can be used on almost any smooth surface. These are used in the water transfer printing process that is also known as immersion printing, hydro dipping or hydro graphics as a method of applying printed designs to three-dimensional surfaces. Since the waterslide decal paper is opaque, it allows the printed image to stay vibrant regardless of the colour base it is being applied or placed on. It can be used on a variety of material like metal, glass, hardwoods and more. Decal paper is extensively used for application in the automobile industry to make decorative accessories for car dashboards, wheel covers, bike helmets, ATV vehicles etc. The blue colour transfer paper is also used in interiors, cutlery, furniture manufacturing, sporting goods and many more industries.

Product Name: Transfer Paper
Product Code: S-G

Product Name: Blue Color Transfer Paper
Product Code: B-G


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