Permanent Lamination Film

Transparent polyester lamination is available in a gloss or matte finish depending upon nature and objective of its utilization White polyester is an excellent material for outdoor use due to its dimensional stability and its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and exposure to chemicals. This material can be used on thermal transfer & laser printers. It comes with a permanent pressure-sensitive adhesive in standard and heavy coat weight for compact surfaces. Permanent adhesive is used for temporary identifications. Its unique properties like high stretchability, outstanding adhesive makes it suitable for hot and cold lamination provided by easy peel off; creating a strong bond between the material and film.

They come with a release liner and are a clear on clear film Pet lamination are used in electronic and electronic appliance, required permanent stickers and also for cosmetic, chemical industry and durable/information labelling.

1.Clear on clear pet 25 micron (View PDF)

2.Clear on clear pet 50 micron (View PDF)

Product Name: Matte Lamination Film
Product Code: SP111-0970

Product Name: Super Clear Blue Core Lamination
Product Code:PP1BEP

Product Name: Super Clear Green Core Lamination
Product Code: PP3BEP

Product Name: Super Clear Red Core Lamination
Product Code: PP3Q


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