Polyster Label

Metalized polyester labels are available either in chrome, mirror-like finish, or a brushed finish that resembles stainless steel, they are polyester asset labels that have the appearance of expensive metal without the accompanying price tag. These silver polyester labels are digitally printed and are considered as an excellent material for outdoor use due to its dimensional stability and its ability to withstand harsh weather conditions, giving the structure a sleek finish. It is useful for fleet markings, heating & air-conditioning units, or anything else that spends a lot of time outdoors. It comes in standard form with a permanent & removable adhesive.

Product Name: Polyester Glossy 25 Microns
Product Code: ELS 25

Product Name: Metalize Polyester Glossy 100 Micron
Product Code: GT5211

Product Name: Polyester Matt 25 Microns
Product Code: ELSM 25

Product Name: Metalize Pet 50 Microns Matt
Product Code: PO72U

Product Name: White Polyester Label Stock
Product Code: POB7H (UL Approved)

Product Name: Rainbow
Product Code: RAINBOW (DVLH20)

  • Polyester labels are considered by many companies for their labeling needs mainly due to the fact that these are very versatile.
  • These polyester labels often used for Bumper Stickers, Chemical and Hazardous Material Labels,Freezer Pack Labels, Shipping Labels, Barcoded Product Labels etc.

Bumper Sticker

Chemical Labels

Hazardous Material Label

Freezer Pack Label

Shipping Label

Barcoded Product Label

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