Surface Protection tape

1. Surface protection tape
2. Tamper proof labels
3. Sabic Polycarbonate
4. Heavy Load Packing Tape
5. Temporary surface protection films and tapes

Let us check in detail what is surface protection tape and its application among various industries. Designed to prevent surfaces from scratches, dirt, paint spills, marks etc during the handling or transit, the surface protection tape is single coated with an acrylic adhesive and gives excellent resistance to scratch and has high quality masking properties. Also called tamper proof labels, these temporary surface protection films are widely used in healthcare, automotive,signage, building and construction, contamination control, cleanroom, manufacturing industry applications. The heavy load packing tape is coated with non-transfer specialty adhesive to withstand any kind of abrasions on smooth and sensitive surfaces. This ensures to keep the quality of the surface the same as it was before. The major features of the surface protection tapes are that they are easily removable, leave no residue, high speed lamination and they are uniform & stable.

Product Name: Protection Tape 30 Microns
Product Code: P.T 30

Product Name: Protection Tape
Product Code: PR930T

Product Name: Protection Tape
Product Code: PR151T

Product Name: Pet protection tape (50 micron)


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