Double Sided Tissue tape

1. double sided tissue tape
2. Tissue Tape

Most suitable for setting or supporting light objects and laminate or fix paper, PVC, foam (Sponge), plastic, printing finishing, sign making, fabric, cardboard, nameplate, interior decoratives etc. double sided tissue tape is a heavy duty tape made from non-woven tissue paper. It is coated on both the sides with acrylic or rubber adhesive and laminated with release paper. The tissue tape offers more stability than adhesive transfer papers. It delivers excellent performance and is highly recommended for soft and flexible materials. The double sided tissue tape has strong endurance to hot and cold conditions and withstands sudden change in temperature. There are many features and benefits of tissue tape like long-lasting, good temperature performance, UV resistance,versatile adhesive formulation, and immediate bonding. It is extensively used for many industrial manufacturing applications like electronics, automotive, flexographic, printing, advertising, stationery, interior design and more. The product comes in different width, length and thickness.

Product Name: Double Coated Tissue Tape
Product Code: 3M – 91031

Product Name: Double Coated Tape
Product Code: 3M – 91091

Product Name: Double Sided Tissue Tape
Product Code: Deer Brand Ds3 #

Product Name: Double Sided Tissue Tape
Product Code: DS33

Product Name: Tissue Tape

Product Code: EZ Brand -Ez 500

Product Name: Double Coated Tape
Product Code: Nitto DS 500S

Product Name: Double Coated Adhesive Tape
Product Code: Nitto DS 5015


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